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Questions and answers

Is your service really legal?

Yes, of course all of our services are absolutely legal, and we always observe the latest legal regulations in Germany and in the EU. As part of our 24-hour care for senior citizens, we will commission you to provide the services you require. One of our foreign partner companies trains and selects the suitable employees, and then sends them to you. You are only the client, but the actual employer is always the company abroad. The care worker / domestic help is therefore properly employed and insured in their home country. This is entirely legally possible through the “freedom to provide services” under EU law.

Does the caregiver get her own room?

Yes, the caregiver has a separate room. They can share the bathroom.

What is “around the clock support”?

“24 hour support” does not mean 24 hours of work. Of course, the caregiver also needs time to rest and relax. As with social security contributions, the law in the home country of the foreign company also applies to working hours. Living with the caregiver gives you the security of knowing that someone is there when you need help unexpectedly.

How long does it take for the carer to be with you?

It usually takes up to 10 days for the carer to be with you.

What happens if the requirements or the care situation change?

Since you have no direct authority to issue instructions to the caregiver, the contract must be adjusted if activities other than those specified there are to be carried out.

What is the notice period?

The notice period for both sides is only 1 month.

What do I do if my caregiver is not there?

If the caregiver is on vacation or is temporarily absent for other reasons, we will take care of a substitution if necessary.

And what if I don't get along with the caregiver?

If “the chemistry is not right”, we will of course endeavor to find a suitable replacement as soon as possible. Mutual respect should always be the basis for good cooperation – also towards the caregiver.

Who can support me?

The nursing care funds provide benefits. The persons in need of care decide themselves whether they use benefits in kind, or cash benefits, or a combination of both. The cross-sponsor personal budget has been in existence since 01/01/2008. Check whether this option is suitable for you. You can find more information on the website of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Does the care worker replace the home care service?

No. The caregiver is a supplement. The home nursing service often carries out important medical treatments that the caregiver simply cannot take on