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Caring support around the clock of the person to be cared for, competent care staff. Top quality service. Attractive price offer, which is adapted to your needs.

Complete relief

If you want relief from 24-hour care at home in Germany or in another European country, HomeLife is the right place for you. HomeLife provides you with the right nursing staff for home care that meets your needs and the needs of those in need of care. In this way, the patient can stay in their familiar environment, and HomeLife saves you expensive home care.

24 hour care at home

Dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers need all-round care, which is ensured by home care. For you as a non-trained force, such extensive care for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s often causes enormous physical, mental, and emotional strain. Especially when there is a greater need for care, your own interests are increasingly at the bottom, and it is not uncommon for your entire family life to suffer from the pressure of 24-hour care at home. The assisted living at home of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients gives you more time for yourself and your loved ones, and the burden of high responsibility for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients is eliminated. Home care by highly qualified HomeLife nursing staff lets you sleep peacefully again. And if you just want to go on vacation with peace of mind, the HomeLife nursing staff is there. You will receive the best possible “all-round care for the elderly” and 24-hour care at home for your relatives suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Higher quality of life for the person in need of care

Our 24-hour care for the elderly at home also includes comprehensive health care. The nursing staff remind the person being cared for the medication they are taking and, if necessary, also support them in doing so. Obtaining medication through pharmacies, or picking up prescriptions, applying cream, and helping with inhalations, adhering to dietary requirements, or checking fluid intake – everything is of course included in our care for the elderly with our ”HomeLife”. With our ”HomeLife” you get an inexpensive way to have your loved ones in the familiar environment in which they feel comfortable, cared for and looked after. This leads to an improvement in the quality of life for the person in need of care – and for you too. The excellent design of the placement of nursing staff from the surrounding foreign country means that you only incur a low cost. Our nursing staff can be deployed both in Germany and in all other European countries, e.g. also during a vacation. With our ”HomeLife” you can be sure that you will receive optimal 24-hour care for the elderly and care at home.