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Care Cost Calculator

What is the performance?

Care level 0 0 euros
Care level 1 0 euros
Care level 2 316 euros
Care level 3 545 euros
Care level 4 728 euros
Care level 5 901 euros

Preventive care (vacation / sick leave)

134.33 € per month

Tax benefits through flat-rate care allowances

Flat-rate care allowances always apply when relatives or acquaintances of those in need of care take over the care. These maintenance flat rates can be deducted from tax
be invoked.

The lump sum serves as financial support for travel expenses
when accompanying the person in need of care (doctor’s appointments, official or therapy appointments) and for household activities. A lump sum can be paid for caring for relatives can be claimed as tax allowance of 924 euros per year (as of 2018).

There is also the option of € 806, – from short-term care in addition to applying for a preventive care allowance.