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Become a HomeLife site manager

FOR: Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Saarland,

HomeLife is there for its seniors when it comes to everyday and household help, support and care (including dementia care), basic and preventive care or 24-hour care.

With HomeLife, they receive the help and support that best suits their personal needs. From many years of experience we know very well that with the beginning of the care situation, the families will have a completely new starting point. We show relatives how assisted living and care can be organized and implemented in a familiar environment.

As the site manager, you manage this: You work with the customer to determine the scope of the support and then choose the best form of support. In our business model, you can offer permanent 24-hour care and support. With these offers and services, HomeLife serves a market with tremendous potential!

For 24-hour care and support, we provide them with good and caring nurses from other EU countries (e.g. Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, etc.) – strictly in accordance with the guidelines of European law. We have been working successfully with reliable and reputable Eastern European cooperation partners for many years.

We would like to continue to grow and are looking for committed individuals across Germany who, with our help, will become self-employed and want to build a lucrative and secure existence. You will receive a protected area for which you will take responsibility after you have been familiarized with it. You don’t have to come from the care industry to do this. It is also not your job to take care of yourself.

As a license partner and site manager, you represent HomeLife successfully in your business area and are responsible for sales and organization. You advise your customers as required and develop the appropriate supply concept together. You then implement this and accompany it very closely. As an independent entrepreneur, you benefit from our experience and support. With a comprehensive service package, we provide you with intensive support – from training and further education to a comprehensive package of tools and measures and personal support in everyday work. In a very short time you build up a lucrative full existence and pursue an activity in which you yourself will experience great satisfaction and in which you will get back a great deal from your customers.

You too can benefit from this forward-looking business concept – as an independent partner in the HomeLife network!

Become our mediation partner!

Use the opportunity to sustainably strengthen your existing business

The Homelife Group has been active in the future market of home care and nursing since 2009 and is a young, dynamic and aspiring agency. We arrange and coordinate assignments from southern and eastern European nurses for 24-hour care at home to those in need of help and care. We find suitable support staff for our customers, organize all the necessary formalities and are always available to provide advice and help. We rely on a network of partnerships with South and Eastern European companies in the care service sector that has grown over the years and on values such as humanity, professionalism, legality and transparency.

We are looking for additional placement partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

We are looking for placement partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to continuously expand our network. Mediation partners can be doctors, nursing services, hospitals, pharmacies, legal supervisors, medical supply stores or other institutions. As a mediation partner of our company, you receive a commission on all customer orders you broker. According to current market analyzes, almost 75% of all Germans want to be cared for at home in the event of illness or the need for care. There is already a care emergency in Germany and other European countries! The 24-hour home care market is one of the fastest growing healthcare markets. In this context, we see ourselves as a supplementary service provider to you or your business fields and offer a corresponding service. In this way, both parties benefit and can sustainably strengthen their service business.

Our promise of performance:

  • Serious and successful service
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Cooperation in partnership with our agents
  • Exact tracking of placements
  • Fast payment after customer order
  • Fair and lucrative commission model
  • No upfront costs or royalties

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For these areas:

  • Aschaffenburg
  • Berlin
  • Bielefeld
  • Bonn
  • Bremen
  • Bremerhaven
  • Darmstadt
  • Esslingen
  • Frankfurt
  • Freiburg
  • Groß Gerau
  • Hamburg Ost
  • Hamburg Mitte
  • Hamburg Süd
  • Hamburg West
  • Hannover
  • Harburg
  • Heidelberg
  • Heilbronn
  • Herrenberg
  • Hildesheim
  • Kaiserslautern
  • Kaufbeuren
  • Main-Kinzig-Kreis
  • Nienburg
  • Offenbach
  • Oldenburg
  • Stade
  • Tübingen
  • Wetteraukreis
  • Wilhelmshaven
  • Wolfsburg