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The team

The team in Germany

Jutta Kowalsky
Personal Manager

With us since mid 2013 as a recruiting manager. Completed studies in business management, management and employment law.
Born in 1963. Loves to travel, read and spend time with her friends.

Ute May
Personal co. Manager

With us since mid 2017 as a recruiting co-manager. Responsible for personal management and European law “REGULATION (EG) No. 883/2004” and §56 TFEU.
Born in 1971. Interested in technology, travel and loves to spend time with friends.

Michael Wallendorf

Michael Wallendorf is responsible for important decisions and leads the entire team.

Industry experience and consultant practice since 1990. Experience in recruitment, process consulting, corporate management and in the optimization of recruiting processes. Legal issues. Customer acquisition, sales representatives, marketing

Born in 1962. Married. Two children. Likes to spend time in nature.

Thomas Weber
Co Manager/ Rechtsabteilung /Mahnwesen

Thomas Weber is the manager’s representative and is responsible and representative of Mr. Wallendorf.
Experience in law from 1987-2014 in law firm until closure due to age reasons in 2014.

Working with us since mid-2016.

Alexandra Ecker
Assistentin der Geschäftsführung

With us since the end of 2007

Born in 1967. Married. Likes to spend time with friends and travel. The soul of every party she attends.